Antique Rocking Horse Restoration by Cherished Rocking Horses

Welcome to Cherished Rocking Horses . . .

Old rocking horses have been passed down through time. From the middle of the Victorian and through the Edwardian era, famous rocking horse makers were in their hayday, such as F H Ayres, Lines, Collinson and many more.

Cherished Rocking Horses specialise in seeking out these old antique and vintage treasures that are in need of some care and attention. We fully restore them back to their former glory and as close as possible to their original design.

Their age is testiment to the craftsmenship that went into making these fine Rocking Horses, originally as toys, they are now sought after as collectors items or as an investment, ornamental value or still as a toy, to bring a smile to a child's face.

Restored Collinson Rocking Horse, vintage rocking horse approx 1950sLines Brothers limited vintage Rocking Horse, being restored by Cherished Rocking Horses

Old rocking horses are more than just toys, they are a part of history. Each one has it's own story to tell, if only they could speak . . .

If you would like further information on our work, have a rocking horse you would like restoring or would like to buy one of our restored horses please get in touch, our advice is always free.

We are a family business, established over ten years, David Marsden has been a carpenter all his life before finding his passion with Rocking Horses.

How to care for you Rocking Horse