Antique Rocking Horse Restoration by Cherished Rocking Horses

Caring for your Rocking Horse . . .

A well made Rocking Horse is like a piece of quality furniture and needs to be cared for and respected just the same.

The difference is that a Rocking Horse takes far more wear and tear than your average piece of furniture. Just like furniture they have several joints that can move with time and sometimes you can notice airline cracks appear. This is natural and old rocking horses are a testament to this, some of these old rocking horses are around 100 years old and are still structurally sound.

Furniture is designed so joints and panels can move with expansion and contraction, Rocking Horses cannot be designed this way and have to be made in the solid.

There are several things to remember to keep a Rocking Horse looking at its best, such as keeping it away from direct sunlight or a heat source such as close to a heated radiator. A thing not to do is put it near a window where the sun can shine through the glass onto it, this type of condition amplifies the heat and can cause the wood to become too dry and shrink resulting in cracks.

Also keeping it away from damp areas and not to let the wood get exposed to wet. It is usual to use kiln dried wood for making the horse and stand, when completed the finish, such as paint, varnish etc, seals the wood to a certain extent, if exposed to damp or wet conditions the wood will swell and when it dries out again it will split. If the moisture content stayed high for any length of time this would cause the wood to rot. Also damp conditions will cause the fabric and leather to form mould, ruining it and causing an unpleasant smell.

A Rocking Horse should be kept indoors where the temperature is fairly constant. Occasionally wiping down with a cloth will keep the sheen.

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