Antique Rocking Horse Restoration by Cherished Rocking Horses

A Gallery of our Rocking Horses . . .

As well as restoring antique and vintage rocking horses we also make our own.

Every Rocking Horse is a beautiful hand carved individual item. Hours of work has gone into making each one as realistic as possible using only the finest quality materials, including real horsehair for the main and tail, leather saddle and tack authentic bridle and stirrups.

Horses can be commissioned to your requirements. Being hand-carved, each Rocking Horse takes approximately eight weeks to complete.

Below is a selection of our finished rocking horses some are our own hand carved work, others are restoration projects, and some are what has been remodeled. For more information on restoring old rocking horses please see our restoration page.

Cherished Rocking HorsesHand carved rocking horses by Cherished Rocking Horses by Cherished Rocking Horses, UKContemporary Rocking Horse, made by Cherished Rocking Horse makers in NottinghamshireModern hand carved rocking horse in pink for girls bedroom made in Nottinghamshirelarge and small rocking horses hand made in East Midlands UKRocking Horse hand made for baby's nursery bedroomHand crafted rocking horse painted in a blonde dapple finisha Cherished Rocking Horse is a perfect Christmas gift for any child or adult young at heartRocking Horse makers in Nottinghamshirerocking horse renovations by Cherished Rocking Horses in NottinghamshireVarnished Rocking Horse, repaired by Cherished Rocking HorsesClassic Rocking Horses, hand carved by David Marsden, master craftsmen in NottinghamshireCrafted Rocking Horses in NottinghamshireTraditional Rocking Horses for sale and made to orderHand carved carousel Rocking HorseRenovated Rocking Horse by Cherished Rocking Horses Vintage Rocking Horses restored, Collinson Rocking HorseRestored Lines Bros Rocking HorseRestored Rocking Horse by Cherished Rocking Horses
If you have would like more information on our made to order, hand carved rocking horses, please get in touch, we can create any style horse in any size, on bow rockers or swinger stand. We can also restore any horse in any state from minor cracks/chips, new accessories, re-paints to full restorations. Our advice is always free.