Antique Rocking Horse Restoration by Cherished Rocking Horses

Rocking Horse Restoration . . .

We at Cherished Rocking Horses are passionate about our work and appreciate the craftsmenship that has gone into any vintage or antique rocking horse, therefor we strive to save as much of the original horse as possible.

Sometimes horses turn up that are in favourable condition and need very little work, at the other end of the scale a horse may be in a delapidated state with nothing but loose gesso. This has to be stripped back to the bare wood.

We research each horse to find out the exact style and design so we can replicate this using traditional methods.

All our horses are restored with real horse hair and the finest quality materials as would have been used in days gone by.

Below is a small selection of our work showing before and after photographs. For any further information please get in touch.

Collinson Rocking Horse circa 1950s
This horse came to us already stripped back to bare wood and a glued on mane. We restored this horse with cow hair for the mane, tail and forlock as this is what would have been used originally on a Collinson rocking horse.

Collinson vintage rocking Horse circa 1950s Collinson vintage rocking horse restrored by Cherished Rocking Horses

Collinson Rocking Horse circa 1950s
This Collinson rocking hors, still had some of its original paintwork, as you can see, unfortunately it was too badly damaged and a complete re-paint was required.

Collinson rocking horse restoration projectRocking Horse restoration with Cherished Rocking Horses

Lines Bros Ltd. Sporty Boy 2, circa 1930s
This came to us with crumbling gesso down to the bare wood a large split in the neck and full restoration was required.

Lines Bros ltd. Rocking Horse, Sporty Boy 2 Rocking HorseSporty Boy Rocking Horse by Lines Bros Ltd.Lines Bros Sporty Boy Rocking Horse restored by Cherished Rocking HorsesRestored Rocking Horses, Lines Bros Vintage Rocking Horses

Lines Bros Ltd. Sporty Boy 2, circa 1930s
This horse had re-painted on serveral occasions and had to be stripped back to bare wood and painted to a professional standard. The customer wanted to keep an old style look so a crackled paint finish was applied. The original stand, saddle and stirrups were all in good condition, however new horse hair main and tail were added.

Restored Rocking Horse, Lines Bros Sporty Boy 2 from approx 1930s, full restoration by Cherished Rocking HorsesSporty Boy 2 by Lines Brothers Limited, fully restored rocking horse by Cherished Rocking Horses, NottinghamshireRestored paintwork on antique and vintage rocking horsesrestored rocking horses antique and vintage

Standard Rocking Horse
This horse was brought to us with the feet formed the wrong way round, the horse was made of plywood with chipboard added to build up the shape. We were asked if we could improve the horse and make it look more traditional. The whole body and head were re-shaped and the feet cut off and new ones made pointing the right way, once the re-shaping was done a full gesso and paint was applied along with horse hair, leather tack etc.

Hand crafted Rocking HorsesRocking Horse repairsRocking horse re-paintRestored Rocking Horses Nottinghamshire

Standard Rocking Horse
This rocking horse was bought at auction by our customer and we were asked to renovate this to give a more traditional look. The customer chose the colourings she preferred and a full re-model of this horse was needed to give a better shape.

Rocking Horse renovation project by Cherished Rocking HorsesRenovated Rocking Horse in Nottinghamshire

If you have a rocking horse that is in need of some tlc, please get in touch, we can restore any horse in any state from minor cracks/chips, new accessories, re-paints to full restorations, our advice is always free.